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2022 Halal Business Forum


 The largest event on the halal market in the European Union was successfully held in Zagreb, on October 4th and 5th, 2022.

Sustainable development, which was also the motto of the Halal Business Forum 2022, has become the number one discussed topic in the world, and it was created as a response to the negative consequences of human activity, which is connected to all life issues in society, the economy and everything that surrounds us. Halal and Sustainable Development was discussed by 32 top experts who participated in five panel discussions covering numerous topics of the halal market; from tourism, production, nutrition, standardization, digitization, to banking and finance. Apart from panel discussion and fair promotion special contribution was given to the science. HBF addressed five thematic areas and subtopics which was reviewed and published in the journal Economic Challenges.


Post Event Report Video

2021 Halal Business Forum

With a focus on challenges, perspectives and the future of the halal industry, first Halal Business Forum was successfully held in Zagreb on September 21st, with more than 100 participants. 

The forum has tendency to be created as annual event of Center for Halal Quality Certification with main aim to achieve greater cooperation and involvement in halal market.

Due to pandemic this year's forum was organized on local and regional level while in the upcoming years it will be expanded internationally. More details about upcoming event read here


2016 World Halal Day

World Halal Day (WHD) was the first major international halal event organized by Center for Halal Quality Certification and United World Halal Development organization, hosted in Croatia in 2016 to celebrate 100 years since Islam gained the status of institutionally recognized religion.

WHD presented latest trends of Halal market, Halal tourism industry, Halal food and nutritions, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry, as well as, Islamic banking and finance for the first time in Croatia.

It is a consecutive event held in Singapore, India, Croatia, United Kingdom, South Korea and Russia.

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