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Scientific Conference



Call for papers

 Dear Sir or Madam,


We would like to invite you to actively participate in the work of the international scientific conference “Halal and sustainable development“ which will be held as part of the Halal Business Forum  with your scientific and professional paper (report, study or debate) on 4th and 5th October 2022. The conference is jointly organised by the International University of Novi Pazar, Serbia, and Centre for Halal Quality Certification of the Islamic community in Croatia and will be held in Zagreb, Croatia.

The world halal economy is continuously growing and has now reached a volume of about $7 trillion with about 2 billion consumers. Many people associate “halal” only with food, but the halal economy also covers cosmetics, medicine, chemistry, textile, tourism and finance. The major customers for halal products are Muslims, but also non-Muslims show great interest in halal products.

The halal industry is growing at a rate of 4.5%. But economic growth comes with a price: natural resources are consumed and production, as well as consumption, leads to greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, consumption causes waste, which has to be managed in an environmentally friendly way.

At first sight, there is an obvious trade-off between economic welfare and environmental protection. But Islamic teachings emphasise the need to be respectful towards everything created in this world, as Allah, s.w.t. says in the Qur’an:

O children of Adam, take your adornment at every masjid, and eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He likes not those who commit excess.” (7:31)

We use this opportunity to cordially invite you to participate actively and present your thoughts how the principles of halal can be implemented in today’s economy in order to increase the welfare of people without violating the rights of others.


Thematic areas

Thematic areas and subtopics of the Conference will help you to identify the most appropriate dialogue to which you might wish to contribute with your work.

International scientific conference “Halal and sustainable development” covers, but is not limited to, the following thematic units:


1.     Sustainable Halal products (food, cosmetics, etc.)

2.     Halal financing of sustainable development

3.     Halal tourism and environmental protection

4.     Halal and health

5.     Halal lifestyle and sustainability

 Important dates


30 June 2022

Abstract submission

14 July 2022

Abstract acceptance notification

31 July 2022

Paper submission

21 August 2022

Paper acceptance notification

4-5 October 2022

Conference date

Information for authors


All abstracts and subsequently full papers should be submitted electronically.

Each paper will be reviewed and selected submitted full papers will be published in the next volume of the journal “Ekonomski izazovi – Economic challenges” (ISSN: 2217-8821) – indexed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

The official Conference language will be English.

Papers can also be submitted in one of the BHS languages ​​(Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian).


An abstract should include:

       the name of the section it belongs to,

       the title of the work, the full name and the address (including e-mail) of the author, the affiliation,

       between 100-200 words,



Author/co-author is allowed to submit maximal two papers, but only one paper as the first author. Papers should have no more than 14 pages prepared according to Template.

Papers that do not conform to the instructions of the Template will be returned for revision.


E-mail for submission of the papers: .


Participation fee

There is no participation fee for this conference.



Scientific Committee:


·        prof. dr. Elma Elfić-Zukorlić, International University of Novi Pazar

·        doc. dr. Aldin Dugonjić, International University of Novi Pazar & Center for Halal Quality Certification

·        prof. dr. Suad Bećirović, International University of Novi Pazar

·        prof. dr. Amela Semić, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences

·        prof. dr. Enis Ujkanović, International University of Novi Pazar

·        doc. dr. Natalija Uršulin – Trstenjak, University North

·        prof. dr.  Mehmed Meta, International University of Novi Pazar

·        doc. dr. Mirsad Arnautalić, Faculty of Islamic Studies

·        prof. dr. Bećir Kalač, International University of Novi Pazar

·        doc. dr. Olivera Jurković Majić, Zagreb School of Economics and Management

·        prof. dr.  Azra Ćatović, International University of Novi Pazar

·        doc. dr. Samir Ljajić, International University of Novi Pazar


Organizing Committee:


·        prof. Enver Međedović

·        MSc Haris Zogić

·        MSc Edina Mešić

·        MSc Mirela Tinjić

·        MSc Nermin Botonjić

·        MSc Mersad Kreštić

·        MSc Omer Omanović

·        MSc Senad Hevešević

·        MSc Nedim Omerović

·        Muhamed Mandžić


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